My name is Uli Streich, I am the proprietor of VARIO Helicopter, and I would like to take this opportunity to extend to you my sincere personal welcome. To give you some idea of what VARIO stands for right at the outset, I ought to tell you a little about myself. I flew my first model - a rubber-powered, "Sternchen"- at the age of nine years, and from that moment on, model flying has held me in its grip.

During my National Service with the armed forces 1 trained as helicopter mechanic and jet engine mechanic, and my daily dealings with full size helicopters inevitably set me on the path towards model helicopters.

In the early seventies I began to turn my hobby into a business, and opened a model shop. After much flying with the model helicopters of the time I began to produce my own designs, based on my long years of experience in model building and my intimate knowledge of full-size helicopters.

The next major step soon came: I began series manufacture of my products, and the VARIO Rotor Systems company was established.

In 1999, we celebrated VARIO's 25th birthday. Regardless of where you live VARIO is only a phone-call away. You have a direct line leading you straight to the heart of the matter. For every problem we have the solution, because here everything revolves around the helicopter, VARIO Helicopter.