Order 1002/7

Order 1002/19

Order 1002/9 Order 1002/20
Order 1002/14 Order 1002/22
Order 1002/15 Order 1002/24
Order 1002/18  

Petrol Mechanics ORDER 1002/22
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Excl. engine gear combination  

SkyFox Mechanics ORDER 1002/19
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Fenestron Petrol Mechanics ORDER 1002/24
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Right hand Rotation, excl. engine  

X-Treme Mechanics ORDER 1002/7
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Sky Fox Feneston Mechanics ORDER 1002/18
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Left hand Rotation  

X-Treme Fenestron Mechanics ORDER 1002/9
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Right hand Rotation  

Petrol Mechanics ORDER 1002/20
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Excl. engine, incl tail rotor  

"3 plus 4" Mechanics ORDER 1002/14
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Rotor head, main gearbox and tail rotor factory-assembled. Without engine. VARIO DELTA HEAD

Mechanics ORDER 1002/15
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Supplied with tail rotor, without engine