Here we describe the three fundamental parts of model helicopters. The basis of the model helicopter is the main mechanical aggregate, usually known simply as the 'mechanics'. Once you have the mechanics, you the pilot can use this assembly as the basis for any type of chopper, from the trainer through the everyday sport machine on to aerobatics and right up to scale, because they are based on the same mechanics system.

Our range of kits covers everything from trainers for the beginners right up to competition helicopters for the demanding pilots. Our vast range of fuselage kits also includes many Super Scale models for those who want the ultimate in modelling, to fly "just like the real thing".

VARIO mechanics represent a highly developed and technically refined systems produced to the highest levels of precision and excellent German quality, with all components developed using leading-edge technology, then rigorously tested in the field. All our accessories are designed and produced with the greatest care, but always with an eye open for new developments. For this reason we must reserve the right to modify specifications and change conditions of supply. Our fuselages and mechanics are matched together, so accurately, that one set of VARIO mechanics can be used in all the models we make. All our models, including the various mechanics combinations, are designed for use with specialised helicopter motors.

The electronics system consist of these components: radio control system, servos, gyro system and battery. If you build a "Sky Fox" you have a helicopter whose mechanics you can use in other models. The same applies to the various VARIO mechanics such as "X-Treme" and petrol powered "Benzin". Every mechanics set can be installed in the helicopter of your choice. The most popular combinations of tail rotor, main gearbox and rotor head are available as complete sets, constituting ready-to-fit mechanics. alternatively you can obtain the mechanics without rotor head, so that you can select the two-bladed or multi-blade head of your choice. All the small components and large sub-assemblies are interchangeable.

We supply many useful small items - Proven Tuning Components - to help you complete your valuable helicopter exactly as you want it. Naturally, these items include special high quality tools which have been developed to meet the particular needs of the helicopter enthusiast and professional alike.

If you have just decided to purchase a new model, or are looking for a particular accessory item, you normally have to look for somebody who you hope - has the knowledge and experience you need! Here at VARIO Helicopter you can be sure of obtaining expert advice, because we offer the ideal system for the beginner in every respect. our complete VARIO System, based on wide competition experience and victories at world wide championships, offers you the best available answer to your individual needs and circumstances.

Look no further than our comprehensive "VARIO Katalog", a catalogue set that is well renouned the world over to be the industry's bench mark. Order your set today.

Starting anything is easier than you might think! If you want to make a sound start in the sport of model helicopters, we recommend a purpose designed helicopter, developed specifically for learning to fly. The basic philosophy behind our trainer is this: it should be quick to build, it should be logically designed, to make the principles easy to understand; it must have excellent flying characteristics, and should be simple to repair. The materials used in the most part are GRP (glass-fibre reinforced plastic composites), aluminium, either eloxided or anodised, Steel, plastic, PVC and wood, and naturally the best in German engineering, technology and know how.

Every Beginner should really start off With a trainer. The advantages are obvious: the extremely short building time is important to anyone who really wants to get into the air as soon as possible. Initially its job is to survive the first few test flights, Once those first hovering flights have turned into larger and larger circuits, then the beginner can fit the mechanics, motor etc. from the trainer into a more elegant machine. Once again the war torn trainer can be pressed into service, as it is ideal to practice loops and rolls. Many pilots even fly their trainers in competitions. Whether you choose a Sky Fox, an X-Treme, a Benzin or a V-Tek family based mechanics, they are fast to build, robust, durable and acrobatic, and are quite simply the most ideal all-purpose helicopter series available.

The complete VARIO Helicopter range of Kits, Spares and Accessories are available from Your local VARIO authorised dealer and our showrooms in Melbourne and Merseyside.