JakadofskyJetEngines was founded as aviation subsidiary of RD technotrade GmbH. JakadofskyJetEngines has been in the aviation business since 1985. Among thousands of hours piloting Turbine Aircraft we are doing maintenance, repairs and inspections of full scale helicopters like the Alouette, Lama and Gazelle.

As of 1996 JakadofskyJetEngines has been producing smaller jet engines for UAVs and R/C models and in 2000 we developed a turboshaft version that integrates a small gearbox inside the engine. The gearbox is completely maintenance-free providing the most reliable direct drive for small helicopters. The introduction of turbine power to UAVs and R/C models is a breakthrough in reliability and power available. A patent was granted for this turbine engine and its entire system in 2002.

JakadofskyJetEngines is specialised in fast prototyping and producing turbine wheels. Using latest 5-axis HSC technologies, we are able to mill one piece turbine and compressor wheels from exotic materials like aircraft aluminum, titan and high temperature super-alloy.